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Sanding, polishing and deburring are more manageable when you have top-quality equipment for that. To help improve your polishing and sanding experience, we have got the perfect equipment for you. 

Our polishing sanding tools are of premium quality for giving you matchless results. The best thing about these polishing sanding products is that they are waterproof, improving their lives without compromising their quality.

Our Polishing Sanding and Deburring Products

Industry Focused Products!

These polishing and sanding tools are featured with silky texture polishing that works great for all kinds of surfaces. These surfaces include wood, metal, plastic, glass, stone, leather, and many others. These polishing sanding tools are suitable for removing scratches and unnecessary hand sanding and buffing time. You can get a band sized as per your suitability. Cut it in strips depending upon the use, and it’s all ready to be used.

Abrasive Polishing Sanding 2

Purple Clean and Strip Disc

Technical Specifications

Material: Premium silicon carbide and Nylon
Backing: Fiberglass Backing plate
Diameter: 4”x 16
Features: Good grinding effect, does not burn the work pieces long work time suitable.
Purple clean and strip disc is made of tough clean and strip material, it is specially designed for surface treatment. Cleaning metal, wood, plastic and stone.

Abrasive Polishing Sanding

Cotton Cloth Buffing Wheel

Technical Specifications

Type: Buffing Polishing Wheel
Material: Cloth
Cotton Color: White
Diameter: 180mm, Inner hole: 6mm
Layer of Cloth: 50
Application: Polishing stainless steel/ Metal/ Jewelry.

Abrasive Polishing Sanding

Mirka Jepuflex Plus Roll

Technical Specifications

Application: For Hardwood ,Veneer and ChInboard.
Grain: Aluminium Oxide
Color: Maroon Backing: Antistatic T-paper/F-paper
Bonding: Resin Over Resin
Size:100mm X 50m
Grit Range:p36-p320/p400
Coating: Closed

Heng Multi Enterprise Shaft Mounted Flap Wheel

Shaft Mounted Flap Wheel

Technical Specification

Type: Flap Wheel
Grain: High Quality Aluminum Oxide Cloth
Shaft: 3mm or 6mm
Grit: p60-p600
Outer Dim: 15mm-75mm
Thickness: 10mm-50mm
Usage: Weld Grinding, Cleaning

Heng Multi Enterprise Non-Woven Flap Wheel

Non-Woven Flap Wheel With Shaft

Technical Specification

Type: Flap Brush
Material: 3M Non-Woven
Diameter: 50 x 25 x 6mm
Color: Brown, Green, Gray
Usage: Finishing,Cleaning, Surface Preparation

Heng Multi Enterprise Abrasive Sanding Belt

Quality Coated Abrasive Sanding Belt

Technical Specification

Type: Sanding Belt
Grain: A/O Zirconia Ceramic Silicon
Backing:X-wt Poly Cotton Cloth
Y-wt polyester Cloth
Size:10 x 330 / 13 x 330/ 13 x 457/ 20 x 520
Application: Polishing Grinding Finishing
For The Industries of Metallurgy
*Product can be customized according to customer’s requirement *

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