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Heng Multi Enterprise

Heng Multi Enterprise

Over 30 Years Of Abrasive and Polishing Engineering Excellence!

Never Compromise on Quality

Heng Multi-Enterprise is a Singapore-based company with an excellent reputation in the market. We are the preferred manufacturer, supplier, distributor of abrasives, polishing, and sanding products. With over 30 years of experience in the abrasion and polishing industry, Heng Multi-Enterprise is very experienced and well versed with the differernt types of abrasives, polishing and sanding products in the market. On top of that, Heng Multi-Enterprise makes no compromise in quality.

As one of the top suppliers and distributors for abrasion and polishing products in Singapore, Heng Multi Enterprise only supplies and distributes high quality grinding polishing hardware.

Heng Multi Enterprise only work with Japan and other overseas top leading manufacturer like New RegiSton (NRS), Mirka and Esicut Abrasives. These companies are known for manufacturing quality products for grinding, cutting, and polishing. New RegiSton (NRS) in particular, manufactures grinding wheels that are known for their high grinding performance and long lasting durability.

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Heng Multi Enterprise | Abrasive, Sanding and Polishing Manufacturer

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Heng Multi Enterprise | Abrasive, Sanding and Polishing Manufacturer

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